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A form, fit and function replacement for the QJ breaker.


Design Enhancements

  • Trip unit ratings from 100A to 250A.

  • Field installable internal accessories – shunt trip, aux switch or shunt/aux combo.

  • Two accessory pockets in 3-pole breakers.  One accessory pocket in 2-pole breakers.

  • High in-rush current capability (450%).

  • Push-to-trip button.

Siemens 250A

SKU: JDX23B250
  • Implemented in load centers, panelboards, switchboards, meter centers, and modular metering.

    Used by OEMs in control panels and a variety of other 240V applications.

    Same form-factor/mounting as QJ for easy retrofit.

    Field-installable internal accessories for reduced inventory, modularity, and speed.

    High in-rush capability for elevator applications.

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